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My wife and I love to laugh. We especially enjoy laughing together. Here are some things that Cami and I find especially humorous. We hope you also enjoy them and ask that you share with us what you find to be wholesome and hilarious as well. Enjoy!

Brian Regan is one of our favorites. His website is Here are a few hilarious clips.

If you have Netflix you can also access two of his televised performances: The Epitome of Hyperbole and Standing Up. They are both about forty minutes long and are bust-a-gut hilarious. I give them 5 stars each.

We also really enjoy the comedy of Tim Hawkins. There's more at his website,, and on YouTube but here are a couple of bits that we particularly enjoy.

Tim also does great parodies on songs. This one is my favorite.

Another favorite, not to mention a classic, is Bill Cosby. We love to laugh at Bill Cosby.

My wife and sons stumbled on a series of YouTube videos called "Kid Snippets" a month or two ago. Since then we view at least one a day because they are hilarious. Here are a few or our favorites.

Cami and I found Studio C on YouTube in September 2013. We've really enjoyed the clean, family friendly comedy. When I describe it to our friends I say that it is like a clean and funny Saturday Night Live. Here is one of my VERY favorite clips from Studio C.

When I come across other funny things I'll put them here. I would love to hear what you and your spouse find hilarious. Email me or use the "Share" page to share it with me. I look forward to laughing with you!
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