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50 Great Date Ideas

Here we go!
  1. Go people watching. Find a spot with a great view of people, it could be at a local mall or park, and take turns creating stories about the people you see and what they are thinking (this is one of mine)
  2. Read a book together
  3. Go to a local minor league baseball game (or any local minor league sporting event for that matter)
  4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen together
  5. Have fun outdoors! Go kayaking, bike riding, swimming in a river or lake, fishing, take a day hike, go camping, rock climbing, etc.
  6. Take a class together like cooking, art, or photography
  7. Go on a walk. You can't go wrong here.
  8. Visit a local heritage festival. In our area there is an annual Scots-Irish festival because so many of the people that settled the area are of that descent.
  9. Enjoy a local band
  10. Play "Would you rather..." (here are some questions)
  11. Go on a picnic
  12. Make marshmallow guns and have a marshmallow gun fight. My parents gave us a set of marshmallow guns when we were married. They recommended that we play naked (it was pretty gross hearing that from my parents). Just Google "how to make a marshmallow gun" for instructions.
  13. Make a wish list of what you want your dream home to be like. Think of things like architecture, how many sinks you want in your bathroom (we want two), colors, your yard, carport or garage, etc. We enjoy going to Lowe's or Home Depot and walking around the bathroom and kitchen displays to get ideas as well. One thing is for certain, Cami is insistent that we will have a hidden room where the two of us can get away from everything else and just be alone together.
  14. Dream of the future and write it down. Writing down your dreams has some magical power that makes them more likely to come true.
  15. Play classic board games like Sorry, Risk, Monopoly, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, or Battleship (Cami's favorite)
  16. Fly a kite
  17. Buy tickets for a local theater production
  18. Go to your local car dealership and test drive a cool car
  19. Have a "drive-in" movie at home. Get a projector and watch on the side of your house.
  20. Play croquet
  21. Go ice blocking. Find a small hill, buy a block of ice from your grocery store or convenience store, go to the hill, put a towel on top of the block of ice, sit down on it, and slide down the hill!
  22. Go to a shooting range
  23. Climb a tree together
  24. Make a "commercial" for your favorite product and post it to YouTube. You never know, it might just go viral.
  25. This isn't a date idea in and of itself but I think it is noteworthy. Handcuff yourselves together for the evening. You'll definitely get some strange looks but you'll also make memories.
  26. Buy light sabers and after dark next to a busy street have a "sword fight" by the road. I've done this and it's quite fun to watch the cars slow down and know that the drivers are super confused.
  27. Write a short story together (or just do Mad Libs)
  28. Go to a playground and just enjoy swinging in the swings and sliding down the slide together
  29. Look through your wedding album and relive your wedding day. It may sound boring to you men but it's actually a lot of fun.
  30. Feed the ducks at a local pond or lake
  31. Go to a corn maze (generally these are only around in the fall)
  32. Visit a local bookstore and leave notes in the books for future readers
  33. Wander around town with sidewalk chalk randomly drawing hearts on the sidewalk with strange equations inside of them
  34. Find security cameras and perform skits in front of them to entertain the security guards
  35. Rent some clubs and buy a bucket of balls at a local driving range. Make a wager on who can hit the ball the furthest.
  36. Borrow a book from the local library on star gazing, drive to the edge of town, and enjoy the beauty of the sky
  37. Have "room service" at home. Make your bedroom look as much like a hotel room as possible with mints on the pillow and a room service menu to boot. Let your wife order from the menu. My wife is always begging to order room service any time we go to a hotel so she would love this.
  38. Take your spouse on a greeting card date. Find the greeting card section of a nearby store and look through all of the cards trying to find the funniest, strangest, etc. cards you can. It'll be good for a good laugh.
  39. Ice cream carving contest
  40. Check out a book on origami or find some videos on YouTube and spend the evening folding together
  41. In the fall visit a "pick your own fruit" orchard. You could also pick your own berries.
  42. Visit an old school arcade and play games like skee ball that you haven't played since you were kids
  43. Go swimming the a kiddie night
  44. Watch a movie together. Make out during the menu intro music.
  45. Dress up as pirates and go parrot shopping at local pet stores
  46. Go geocaching (here's a website about it)
I'm obviously still building my list. If you have a great idea please email it to me.

Other places to find great date ideas (I found many of those above at the sites below):

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