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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Only Way to Success

A few years ago we had a very large tree in our yard get blown down in a windstorm. It was a mess to clean up but it gave us a little piece of ground where we could plant a garden.

The next summer we rented a rototiller and prepared the ground for a garden. We planted corn, carrots, watermelon, pumpkins, cucumber, and sweet peas. We got a few peas, the carrots never got big enough to eat, the watermelon, pumpkins, and cucumbers didn't grow, and the corn tasted really weird.

That season was a success only because we had persevered.

This spring we decided to again plant a garden. We turned up the ground, picked what we wanted to grow, and planted seeds. Two months later we have a thriving garden that provides plenty of food for the deer, rabbits, and our resident groundhog.

Thankfully, eating the food is not the main focus of the garden. The purpose of the garden is to give Cami and me an opportunity to teach the boys to work. So each Saturday the boys go out to the garden with us and we pull weeds as a family.

The other chore that the garden requires is watering. The last two weeks have been especially hot and dry here with just a little drizzle of rain every now and then and daytime high temperatures in the 90's.

I've been trying to go and give our plants some water each morning before I go to work to make sure that they don't get too dried out. However, this morning I didn't get to it before I had to leave for a meeting.

When I got home for lunch today the plants looked great. Normally when I don't water them in the morning they're pretty wilted by lunch time. But they weren't today.

You guessed it. My amazing wife had watered the plants. That's one of my favorite parts of being married, helping each other fulfill their responsibilities and keep their commitments.

Cami does a far better job helping me than I do helping her but I try. Ultimately, we need to do our best to help our spouse. We're partners after all and we can only succeed together.

What did your spouse do to help you today?

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