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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elephant Rides & Amazing Women

There's a zoo in our county. It's not a large zoo but it's got some fun animals. Giraffes, tigers, alligators, and even elephants. On weekends you can ride the elephants (I haven't done it yet but I need to!).

During the month of June, as a display of customer appreciation (and probably to increase visitors), the zoo made Wednesday's free for all county residents. We've been trying to go all month as a family and it just never happened...until today.

I had to work so Cami suited up the four children and, armed with baseball caps, they journeyed to the zoo.

Cami was outnumbered, five to one. She evened the odds by inviting her little sister (who's 17) and her parents. Thankfully they went and helped her.

But the amazing thing is that she would have gone, and was planning to go, without them. All by herself. With five little boys. One of which is six weeks old.

Some would call that a kamikaze zoo trip. I would definitely crash and burn if I attempted it.

Not Cami though. I was eating lunch in our dining room when they pulled up. The kids piled out of the van and I ran out to kiss my gorgeous wife. And guess what? She was smiling. She looked happy, a little travel weary, but happy.

I can honestly say I do not know of another woman, or person for that matter, that would have made the trip to the zoo today...with five boys under the age of 90 degree weather...alone...with a six week old.

I married an amazing woman. The moral of the story? Marry an amazing person. If you're already married, make sure that you're married to an amazing person. If you don't know how to do that, email me (tyson @

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