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Monday, June 22, 2015

Did You Get Lucky Today?

Last Thursday was a bit of a rough day for my sweet wife Cami. It wasn't a bad day, in fact, it was a pretty good one. But it was difficult.

She's sweet and helps me provide financially for our family. With five little male mouths to feed we need every penny we can get. So she often babysits other children to earn a few dollars. It's especially nice when she's able to watch little ones that our boys are friends with and with whose parents Cami and I are also friends. Such was the case on Thursday.

Let me interject here that my wife is a definitely a superwoman.

Thursday morning arrives and we go through our morning routine and I get ready to leave for work. I leave for a meeting in a neighboring town and a short while later the other children are dropped off. There are now nine children in our home (seven boys and two girls) all under the age of nine.

I come home to drop off the car after my meeting and walk into the home to see Cami with tears in her eyes hiding in the kitchen. The morning was already off to a rough start.

The children had found some diet Coke in our basement and decided it would be fun to run around with the bottle for a while and then open the cap.

Yep. Soda everywhere. And Cami cleaned it up.

She made the children help but, as anyone that's ever had small children can attest, that typically just makes more work.

When I walked in the door she had just finished cleaning it all up. My timing was perfect...well, perfectly wrong.

As I held her in my arms I was reminded that I married an extraordinary woman. She was watching nine small children! Two of them less than a year old! And she was going to be watching them all day long.

The rest of the day went much better (before I went to work me and the children had quite the talk about not making Cami's life more difficult but helping her).

But I keep remembering holding my beautiful wife in my arms as she shed a few tears in the kitchen and thinking to myself: "Holy cow, I married a superwoman. How lucky am I?!"

How were you lucky today?

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