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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Honey! I'm Home!

I live about three minutes from my office. When I leave the house in the morning I set out the front door and walk three minutes. At the end of the third minute my key is turning the tumbler assembly in the lock on my office door and moments later I am sitting at my desk.

At the end of the day it's about the same thing. I close my office door and three minutes later I am walking in the front door of my home.

There are numerous advantages to living so close to the office. I can quickly drop in any time and surprise my wife with a kiss. We don't need a second car. I am able to come home for lunch almost every day (which also saves us money!). My family often comes and visits me at work. And the list goes on. It's wonderful!

However, because there is opposition in all things, living so close also poses some challenges. The temptation to linger at home after lunch is pretty huge (sometimes I fall asleep during lunch and have to work a little later at the end of the day to make up for it). When the day is a little challenging forcing myself to stick it out and not just head home can be difficult too.

But the greatest challenge is leaving work at work.

When I'm at work I get pretty consumed by my responsibilities there. Even when I'm not "on the clock" I spend too much time thinking about work. And making the mental transition from "business Tyson" to "family Tyson" in three minutes is a real challenge.

On particularly stressful days I will walk really slowly or take a very circuitous route home simply to give myself more time to make the mental transition.

I have found over the last eight years that when I arrive home still in "business Tyson" mode those evenings don't go as well. I am less patient, attentive, loving, and fun to be around. My family needs me to be "business Tyson" at work to earn a living but when I am home they need "family Tyson."

And, to be completely frank, I prefer being "family Tyson," he's a lot more fun to be.

We all fall victim to this. We get so caught up in something that we're doing (it might not be work, that's just my biggest one) that we forget to "flip the switch" over to the "person" we're supposed/need to be.

To make sure I'm clear, there is nothing wrong with "business Tyson," he's just not the "Tyson" my family needs when I'm at home. He causes a lot of problems at home.

I think of it this way, when I walk in the door and holler "Honey! I'm home!" which person is hollering? Because it should be "family Tyson."

When you walk in the door and holler "Honey! I'm home!" who's doing the hollering?

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