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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 Approaches to Proving You Love Your Wife

A question I get asked from time to time is "what are the most important things I need to do to have an awesome marriage?"

This is a great question and there are a lot of possible answers but my response is "the small and simple things."

I've used this analogy before but I think it's apt so here goes.

Why are the small and simple things the most important? Think of concrete. If I were to now ask you to think of some adjectives to describe concrete most people would use the word solid or strong.

And concrete is both, it is solid and strong. 

One of the things I learned about concrete, and really amazes me, when I did construction is that concrete is a mixture of pebbles, sand, cement, and water. Mix the ingredients in the right quantities and quickly it will harden until you have created a new strong and solid object.

Skyscrapers, bridges, mansions, and monuments are constructed on top of concrete. It's strong enough and solid enough to support them.

What's cool is that the cement is what holds it all together. The pebbles and sand are strong but will not hold together when weight is put on them. But mix the pebbles and sand with cement and water (the water activates the cement) and it will hold the pebbles and the sand together.

I hear people say all the time that all a marriage needs is love. If you love each other enough then you'll be okay. It doesn't matter how much cement you have, if you don't mix it with pebbles and sand it'll never hold anything up.

Love is the same way. Love holds together the small and simple actions and expressions of care and concern that we carry out. Love is the cement, the small and simple actions are the pebbles and sand. You need both.

So here are ten small and simple ways you can show your wife that you love her:
  1. Stare at her lovingly with an attitude of thankfulness that she is your wife and with a hint of lustfulness
  2. Pray holding her hand, touching her arm or leg, or hugging
  3. Send her a text message expressing gratitude for one thing that she did the previous day
  4. Leave a note on her pillow describing one of her good qualities and why you love that about her
  5. Buy her her favorite candy bar
  6. Do something on her "to do" list so that she doesn't have to
  7. Email her a picture of one of your favorite memories together 
  8. Spend time with her doing something that she enjoys doing
  9. Praise her in front of other people
  10. Simply tell her. Say "I love you."
Just like the little rocks in concrete are held together by cement, these small and simple things are held together by love.

Pebbles + cement = rock solid concrete. Small and simple things + love = rock solid marriage.

It really is this simple. Go and do something small and simple for your spouse today.

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