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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Heretofore Unpublished 3 Secrets to a Perfect Marriage

I have a perfect marriage. I'm not bragging just sharing a fact.

I can't take all of the credit for that, in fact, I can only take about half of the credit. The rest of the credit goes to my amazing and wonderful wife.

First, recognize that you aren't perfect. I make mistakes, plenty of them. On a daily, no, an hourly basis. I say the wrong things, think unkind things, and forget things daily.

Second, remember that your spouse is perfect. Your spouse will make mistakes daily, no, probably hourly. They will say the wrong things, think unkind things, and forget things everyday. Take all of that into account and commit yourself to remembering that your spouse is perfect anyway.

Third, your marriage will not be perfect. If you and your spouse are both imperfect how could the two of you create a perfect marriage? You couldn't. But what if your spouse is perfect? And what if you are perfect? Boom. A perfect marriage is now within reach. Just assume that your spouse is perfect and act accordingly.

Recognize your weaknesses and work on them. Overlook and forgive your spouse's weaknesses and move on. Do this together and your perfect marriage is within reach. Better yet, you're reaching for it and it suddenly zooms into your hand. Keep this "perfect" perspective and it'll stay there.

I have a perfect marriage. I'm not bragging, simply sharing a fact. And you can have a perfect marriage too.

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