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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marriage is Awesome

I'm tired of hearing how difficult marriage is. I am just fed up with it.

Sure it can be hard sometimes but is it really THAT bad?

How hard is it to have a partner to share everything with? Anytime you need someone to talk to they are there. When you're tempted to buy that new toy that you know you can't afford you have someone to bring you back to your senses.

When you are married you live with your best friend. You work with your best friend. It's a sleepover every night. What's so difficult about that?

You can make obscure references to a television series that you watched from a decade ago and there's someone that gets it and might even laugh.

Those really corny jokes you think share those with your spouse and maybe even get a laugh. Be grateful because no one else is going to.

It's really difficult to be able to share household responsibilities with someone. I certainly wish I had to do them all myself (said with sarcasm).

On Friday night when you want to go do something you have a date. You don't need to go through your black book or your contacts and keep asking until you find someone to go out with. You have a special somebody, forever.

What's so hard about not having to finish a sentence because your spouse knows what you're going to say? Or not even having to say anything because they know you so well they know what you're thinking?

Marriage doesn't make life harder. Marriage makes life easier, about a billion times easier. I would take marriage over the single life any day and every day of every week.

Marriage is awesome.

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