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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

3 Distinct Varieties of Mistletoe You Probably Haven't Heard Of

You know the tradition with mistletoe, right? If two people are standing under it they're supposed to kiss. It's a great tradition, especially when you're single.

I really enjoyed it that first Christmas Cami and I were married. Reminiscing about it now I think our ceiling must have been made out of mistletoe. Suffice it to say, it was a good Christmas season.

After that it was still fun to have the mistletoe "hung where [we] can see" it but since we can kiss each other whenever we want, and we take full advantage of that privilege, mistletoe just wasn't as big of a deal. It became just another holiday decoration.

That is until we discovered that there is more than one kind of mistletoe. So far we have discovered three.

The first kind is the traditional mistletoe. This mistletoe entitles those standing under it to one, normal kiss. It's what hangs in the majority of homes during the Christmas season.

The second kind of mistletoe is "make-out mistletoe." When two people get caught under it they are entitled, and expected, to participate in a make out session. Use this mistletoe sparingly and place it carefully in your home. If you have teenagers you may not want to even bring it out until they have moved out.

The third kind of mistletoe is "french mistletoe." You probably guessed it. If you're standing under french mistletoe you are entitled to share a piece of french toast with your companion (were you thinking something else?).

Cami and I prefer make-out mistletoe. It's especially fun once the kids are in bed.

What kind of mistletoe is hanging in your home this Christmas?

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