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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There are many peaceful and serene moments that come and go. They often arrive unexpectedly and usually end just as we recognize them for what they are. But no matter their duration they are tender mercies, little gifts given to us to remind us to treasure the small and simple things.

This evening I was privileged to recognize one of these tender mercies.

Cami and I enjoy watching TV shows together. We are agreed that we watch far too much TV but we like to do it because it lets us disengage from the ordinary happenings of our day but also enjoy a shared experience together. I can't even begin to count the number of inside jokes we have that have come from our television "habit."

More often than not Cami will insist that we watch "just one more episode" before we go to bed. Inevitably she falls asleep by the end of the opening credit roll and I'm left watching the episode alone.

This happened again this evening. As the episode ended forty minutes later I looked over at her as the faint light from the street lamp gently rested on her soft, rosy cheek. My heart filled with love for her and a profound sense of gratitude that I have the privilege of being her husband. I cannot understand why she condescended to love and even marry me. However, how thankful I am!

Of all of the small, simple, peaceful, and serene moments that come and go I treasure these ones the most.

Today I am grateful for moments. Today I am grateful for Cami.

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  1. My husband and I have our together time each evening watching a TV series and/or a movie. It is Robert who often falls asleep half way through. Regardless, I agree with you that these times are precious. Robert likes it when I join in to help him cook too. Thank you for sharing with us at Tell me a Story


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