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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Ever Dreaded Romance

Guest post by Cami:

I think a lot of guys kind of cringe when girls say they really just want someone "romantic" when they are talking about their perfect guy.  Or when a wife says, "why can't you just be more romantic?"  Most guys think of romantic as a description of wearing a tux (or a Mr. Darcy outfit) and speaking in British accents and bringing his beloved a dozen roses and flattering her with cute little phrases.

Honestly, as much as us women all swoon at those super cute chick flicks, we would hate to have that in real life.  If some guy came up to me (back in my single days) dressed in those clothes and told me that he was madly in love with me, I would totally freak out (unless he had tons of money and then I would have to think a little harder on that one).

So what really is romance?

I mean, rose petals and quiet music occasionally is nice, but mostly what a girl wants is for you to think about them and do something a little different.  I mean, if you read Tyson's latest post about what he did for me on Valentine's day (and a few days after), that is really romantic. 

I found Tyson putting the couches like this:

And I was thinking, "Hunny, have you completely lost your mind?!"  I thought for sure the couches would collapse or that he was just having a mental break down and sick of our house or something.  Tyson isn't someone to just do things randomly.  And after the kids were asleep (yes, I found the older two like this, so precious)
Tyson pulled out my CD player and started playing a CD that was full of waltz songs that I don't think we have listened to since before our wedding when me and a few friends were trying to teach him how to waltz.  We danced around the front room with all the extra space (since the couches were so out of the way and all).  That was a really big deal for Tyson to go out of his way to dance with me because he isn't big into dancing.  It makes him feel uncomfortable because he doesn't think he is good at it.  And he hates feeling stupid.  It meant a lot to me that he would put aside how he felt to do something that I really love.
And that is how most of us women feel, we don't really care about the bouquets or the serenading (although that can be fun), we just want to know you love us.  And the best way to show that and be "romantic" is when you show us that you care more about our happiness than yours.  That is romance.
So as long as we are both consistently showing the other that we love them and care more about them, then we will have a very happy and fulfilling relationship.
So go and make this week a romantic one.
Love, The Coopers

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  1. What a great post! Thank you my love!

  2. (Skye posting) I agree. I love roses and candlelit dinners, but it's a thoughtful compliment or a handwritten note that means the most.

  3. What a great post! May you both keep on dancing all of your days! Visiting from Wedded Wed. this morning.


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