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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Falling in Love is Hard Work

I have an amazing wife. She is normally so timid and a little bit shy, especially when it comes to voicing her opinions. I have to be careful not to be too forceful when we discuss things because I don't want to risk her not sharing with me what she thinks (or me not hearing if she does share). So when she gets really passionate about something and is direct in sharing her opinion I stop and take note. 

This evening I want to share with you something that Cami wrote about marriage. We have a few friends, in different places and stages of life, that are going through trials in their marriages right now. We care about them deeply and it really takes a toll on us, especially Cami, as we worry about and pray for our dear friends. It is these feelings of love and concern that prompted Cami to write the post below. Enjoy!

On a very rare occasion, I will actually write what I really feel. I have a hard time doing this because I don't ever like offending people. But today I am going to say some of what I feel, and if I offend you or cause anger, I am really sorry. I just feel I need to say something.

Maybe it is this time of year, or maybe it is that several of my friends are going through rough times in their marriages, or I don't know, but marriage has been on my mind a lot.

Why do we get married? Why is it that it is so cute and wonderful and easy to "fall in love?" And how is it that it is so easy to "fall out of love" as well?

Well here is the thing, it isn't easy to fall in love, at least not most of the time. Not for Tyson and I. I mean, it was natural and wonderful, but it wasn't easy. He worked hard to win me over. It took planning and time and a lot of persuasion. And then when he won me over, we had to win my family over. They were totally not fans of us getting married. We hadn't known each other long and no one knew Tyson. But Tyson and I fought together, we stuck through it and were frustrated with everyone for not seeing the world the way we saw it.

And it isn't easy staying together. I mean, it is a lot easier for us than some couples I am sure because I totally adore him and can't stay mad at him for more than five seconds, believe me, I try. But we disagree on a lot of things and we both work constantly just to get by financially. At the end of the day we are so tired we can barely get up off the couch just to go to bed. The kids are exhausting, cute, but exhausting. We both are irritable with each other and the world. But we are in this together, I don't want to be with anyone else. I don't want to face a problem without him. I don't want to picture being old without him there harassing me.

And when we were young (I feel old already) and starry eyed and kneeling across from each other in the temple, we promised God and each other that we would be faithful to each other and be a strength to each other and take care of each other and stay together. Maybe it is my more serious side, but I didn't take that promise lightly. When it came time for me to answer, I paused because I wanted to make sure that I was really ready for this, that there was NO backing out once I said yes. That pause freaked everyone out, Tyson especially, but I am glad I waited, and when I committed myself, I did it for good and for eternity. I am not giving up. Tyson is mine forever and we are going to not just endure it, we are going to make it a marriage that lives and breathes and sustains and strengthens.

Do other people just not take that promise seriously? Do they get so caught up in the moment that they forget the promises they made? Do they not realize just how drastic things will change and become damaged because that bond is broken? Do they not realize how much builds on their marriage and family? It is "THE fundamental unit of society" (The Family: A Proclamation to the World)

It is probably very arrogant of me to write this. There is so much pain and betrayal and sadness that I do not even begin to comprehend. I don't pretend to know what goes on in other people's lives. I just hurt when marriages fall apart. I think too often people see it as only affecting those two people and of course their kids. But so much more is hurt and affected by the crumbling bridges and bonds that once were their marriage. Not only their kids, but all the people the kids come in contact with, all the wonderful things that could have happened if that marriage had been strong, all the people that surround them and hurt for the sadness they are feeling. And to me, marriages are real, they seem like a life itself. A life that from it grows other lives and provides light and strength to other life.

I guess I just wish that people would take the time to maintain their marriages, to build their spouse up, to be their best friend, to think more about them than themselves, to understand them, to support them, to just do the little things every day so that the marriage would never die. I guess I am just frustrated that so much hurt happens from something that once gave so much happiness.

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  1. Just a little visit from your neighbor at Beth's this evening. I love to see a husband writing about marriage. Seems to be a rarity ...

    Blessings to you both!


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