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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Now That's A Good Husband

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I have read many leadership books. I have taken classes and participated in seminars and conference sessions on leadership. I even have a masters degree in management and leadership. With all of the time, energy, and money that I have invested into learning how to be a great leader I try to practice a little bit of what I have learned.

One of the things that has always stood out to me as a wonderful thing that great leaders do is compliment members of their teams. This builds morale and trust and lets your people know that you care about them as individuals and recognize and appreciate their contribution. Perhaps the most unique yet impactful way that I have read about to do this is to thank those they love most like their parents or spouse for the great job that is being done.

I'm not great at this but I do try. As I was walking across campus earlier this week (I work at a university) I saw the spouse of one of my newer team members. She is doing a wonderful job and I wanted her husband to know that I really appreciated having her as member of my team.

I hollered to him to get his attention and when he turned toward me I said: "You know, your wife is doing a great job, she's really amazing."

Without missing a beat and without hesitation he smiled and responded: "Yes she is!" And with that he hurried away to class.

I felt a large grin appear on my face and a warm feeling of pride grow in my chest for my species (husbands). And I thought, "now that's a good husband."

And he is. I know that you are too.

Now, go tell someone how amazing your wife is.

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