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Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to make your wife feel beautiful, even when she is not feeling that way

This is Cami. I have been sick this past week. The sickness that makes every bone and joint hurt, where you just want to sleep for a million years kind of sick. And when my nose runs, it is like a constant drippy faucet that just will not stop no matter how hard I blow. So I carry a roll of toilet paper with me and have wads of crumpled, used tissue surrounding every known "Cami spot" in the house. So my nose is a bright fiery red in a matter of hours. It is gross. I smell gross, look gross, feel gross.
So a few night ago, we finally got all the kids to bed and then Tyson had a church meeting to go to, so he left and I curled up in bed myself, prepared with my roll of tp and a good book.
Next thing I know I am slowly coming out of a sleep haze where I am sprawled across the bed, surrounded by mounds of snot filled tissue bits, face dripping with drool because I'm so tired. And of course my mouth is open because my nose is so stuffed. I look up and there is Tyson standing in the doorway staring at me with the same look he gave me when he sees me all dressed up and scrumptiously sexy.
"Hey Tys," I say, kind of embarrassed at how disgusting I am.
"You are so incredibly gorgeous" is his reply. And I can tell he means it.
That, gentleman, is how you make your wife feel beautiful.

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  2. This just about made my cry. What a hubby you have! Mine makes me feel beautiful in a similar way--when I feel the least beautiful, he calls me beautiful anyway. Kind of like how God sees us... :)


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