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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Women and Their Influence on Men

I attended a conference recently where I had the privilege of listening to an address by Charlayne Hunter-Gault. She is a well known journalist and public speaker and is very educated and experienced.

She spoke to the group for about an hour addressing the progress that women, black women in particular, have made over the last few decades. It was wonderful to hear of the wonderful things that have happened and are continuing to happen in the fight for equality.

Ms. Hunter-Gault also spoke about the slow progress, and in some cases no progress at all, that is occurring in many areas of the world. She shared some facts about women in Africa. One of these was that 90% of the funds that African women (those actually in Africa) earn goes back to caring for their families. She then contrasted that with the fact that only 30% of the funds that African men make goes back to their families.

An interesting and insightful phrase she used while speaking was "when you educate a man you educate a person but when you educate a woman you educate a nation." I believe this is true with all my heart. That's the reason that I insisted that Cami finish her bachelor's degree before our children were born (when we got married she only had eighteen credits to go).

However, Ms. Hunter-Gault said nothing about those women who choose the most important profession: domestic engineering (stay-at-home moms). I found this curious and it has left me wondering. Is it because she does not consider it a noble profession (I doubt she feels this way)? Or is it because women have always been domestic engineers so there is no progress to make?

As I reflected on her comments I realized that the genesis of all of the issues that she addressed was men failing in their God-given responsibilities. Not only in Africa but across the globe. How truly sad.

I worry that because women, who in my experience are just as capable and often more so than men, have chosen to leave the home or split their time between home and the outside world that this further enables men to shirk their responsibilities because we men are lazy by nature.

Ladies, this Christmas season give us the gift of accountability. Help us not to be lazy. Hold us accountable, in a loving and Christlike way, to our responsibilities as protectors and providers.

If I could give one gift to all women everywhere it would be to help men live up to their responsibilities and potential in the home, in their marriages, with their children, and in their communities. What a wonderful, more perfect
world this would be if we men everywhere stood together in fulfilling our duty.

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