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Monday, December 2, 2013

Giving the Perfect Christmas Gift

Only 23 days left until Christmas (including today)!

Much of this post is a rehash of a post I wrote back in October detailing how to give the perfect gift. There was an overly positive response to it and so I wanted to make sure to throw it out there again.

My object: I want to make sure you can get your spouse the PERFECT gift. And, in my experience, in order to do that you need to give it plenty of thought.

With only a few weeks until Christmas you'll have to hustle, but the good news is that this same method will work for Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it. Any occasion where a thoughtful gift is required.

To help you on your quest to find the perfect gift I have prepared two things: a worksheet and a list of places to get gift ideas. The worksheet will help you identify what kinds of gifts you should be looking at for your spouse, the category if you will. The list of places to look for popular and unique gifts should help you think more specifically.

First, the worksheet. It looks a little daunting because it's a couple of pages but most of that is just room for you to write and take notes. Don't worry. You'll be fine.

Second, the list of popular and unique gifts. I spend several hours searching for a few tools and sites that would give you ideas of things to get your spouse. However, these ideas are to be used in conjunction with the answers from your worksheet.
  • is like the king of online shopping and they make it increasingly easier for us to find the perfect thing to spend our money on by maintaining and making available to everyone lists of their most popular items and most wished for items. Definitely look at these lists for some great ideas.
  • is a pretty cool site that only has unique (and sometimes bizarre) items for sale. Just beware because the editor of the site is a practical joker and occasionally posts products that don't actually exist (he tells you if you try to buy one).
  • is another site that, while not as far out as Shcoon, has interesting items for sale. The other day I found a blueprint of Yankee Stadium. I have friend who would love that.
  • I found just the other day. Again, it's choc-full of unique gift ideas.
  • is yet another site. This one seems to specialize in gummy products (like a 2 foot long gummy worm or 5 pound gummy bear). They also create some pretty hilarious product videos to promote their products.
By using these two tools (the worksheet and the gift ideas) together you can find the perfect gift for your spouse efficiently (I can't say "easily" or "effortlessly" because those words devalue your gift. You're still working hard on it, I'm just making the process more clear).

Let me know if you have any questions or need suggestions (especially for gifts for husbands). I'm pretty good at gift giving (I'm sure Cami will chime in in the comments and we'll see if she agrees) and I would love to help you make this Christmas extra special for your spouse.

Either leave me a comment and I'll respond (which means you should check the "notify me" box so that you know when I did) or send me an email (tysontcooper at gmail).

Merry Christmas!!

Caveat: the links to and are affiliate links and, at no cost to you, should you decide to purchase something for your spouse through them I will receive a commission and be extremely grateful.

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