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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Earlier this month I asked subscribers to my newsletter to share their favorite Christmas memories and traditions. I've included a few of their responses below. It was fun to see how differently everyone celebrates the same holiday. Thank you to all of you that responded. Hearing from you makes it so much more fun.

From Bekah @ re•solve:
"My family always went to Christmas Eve service at church. When we came home, everyone got to choose and open just one gift that night. This was always normal to me, but my husband was (and is) appalled by the tradition. Neither of us wanted to budge on this one, so finally we formed a new tradition to appease both of us - we go to service still and open one gift still - but it has to be a stupid/gag gift of some sort."

From Sinea at Ducks'n a Row:
"My favorite tradition was that we all gathered as a family on Christmas Eve at my parents' house to enjoy a feast of appetizers (a long long table full), egg nog and great company. We had shrimp cocktail, pigs n a blanket, crabmeat & cheese dip, artichoke heart dip, smoked oysters and on and on. When we were little, we also could all open one gift on Christmas Eve. As adults, we've changed it to a grab bag."

From my sister Cassie:
"My favorite tradition is paying attention during church." (apparently she didn't think I was paying attention at church that day)

My favorite Christmas tradition is getting the Christmas tree. As a kid we would always go to a Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and pick out our tree. We would traipse all over the farm looking at every tree in order to find the perfect one. When we did we'd cut it down (either my dad or I would actually do the cutting while the rest of the family stood around), haul it home, and put it up.

We would spend the rest of the weekend decorating the tree and the house for Christmas. It always inaugurated the Christmas season and I've carried that tradition into my home and my family now. It's something that my little boys look forward to. We don't go to a tree farm (there aren't any nearby) but to Lowe's instead. Then we bring it home, decorate it, put up lights both on the tree and in the yard and the Christmas season has begun.

I love Christmas. I hope that you do too.

Wishing you a VERY merry Christmas this year,

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