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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

YouTube Addict

Okay. Once again I've spent too much time on YouTube.

During this time I came across this video put together by a bunch of teenage guys for a church youth project (or something like that). It's a pretty good video but the two really cool things about it are:

  1. It was done in ONE take. It's a continuous video. No editing. Pretty cool.
  2. The commentary at the end explaining how they did it!
The other reason that I'm sharing this video is because of the house that it is filmed in. Watch it. Then we'll talk.

Did you see the fireman pole? What about the phone booth in the basement? Cool, huh? But my favorite part of the house was the theater room. How awesome! After I saw this I made Cami watch it and then we added a few things to our "dream home checklist". The fireman pole is a must have.

Now that I mentioned our "dream home checklist" that might make a good post sometime. Hmmm.

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