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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weight Loss Update

This week I weighed in at 210 pounds...again.

I'm getting there but not as fast I would like. 10 pounds down and 30 to go.

It seems that I've plateaued again, which is really frustrating. For about a month, the middle of September through the middle of October, I was losing a pound or two a week and was getting really excited. Then it slowed way down. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to go even more extreme with cutting back what I eat and increasing my exercise, and I really don't want to.

I am already limiting my eating to about 1,500 calories a day. I workout each morning and run two or three times a week. This week I ran just over four miles. That's more than I think I've ever run in a week.

On Wednesday Cami went to the store with our oldest son. They came back with donuts as a treat for him since he was so good. He was very thoughtful and brought me back a maple bar (and a donut for each of his brothers) and I gladly accepted it. After I ate it looked up the calories...420. That's right, a simple and delicious little maple bar was the same amount of calories as a normal breakfast. Disappointment.

I'm not giving up but I'm hoping I don't need to run anymore or eat any less. Of course with the holidays rapidly approaching I am sure that my progress will be further stunted. Hopefully I can shed another couple of pounds before then.

Wish me luck (and if you're so inclined, pray for me)!


  1. Sometimes when you plateau you need to trick your body. Would you consider drastically upping your fruit/veggie intake over counting calories? or doing a different exercise once a week vs. running? (interval running is good too) You can so do this!

    1. Cami and I discussed your advice and we decided we'll try to eat more vegetables: french fries, popcorn, etc. :) Just kidding

  2. You can do it Hunny! You are amazing and frustrating! You make me care what I eat and I don't like it. :)


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