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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

The first year Cami and I were married we had a friend mention to us that in the days leading up to Thanksgiving they would write down ten things each day that they were grateful for. The lists had to be unique, nothing could be repeated. We thought it was a great idea and have been doing it ever since. This year I wanted to share my list with you.

Here are my lists from this past week:
  • Friday, November 1
    1. Cami
    2. Physical intimacy
    3. Garrett popcorn
    4. airplanes
    5. small towns
    6. Netflix
    7. Having the scriptures on my phone
    8. computers
    9. the internet
    10. electricity
  • Saturday, November 2
    1. indoor plumbing
    2. cold water
    3. a big yard so that I can teach my boys how to work
    4. a wife that works beside me
    5. that I'm not bald
    6. Dallin who helps me to be muscle-y
    7. Google
    8. ballpoint pens
    9. our oak trees
    10. that I can see colors
  • Sunday, November 3
    1. Eyesight
    2. touch (said in a seductive voice to Cami)
    3. taste
    4. hearing
    5. smell
    6. alarm clocks
    7. the printing press
    8. leaf blowers
    9. french fries
    10. carrot cake
  • Monday, November 4
    1. mechanical pencils
    2. toilet paper
    3. eggs
    4. journals
    5. lamps
    6. roller coasters
    7. fingernails
    8. flashlights
    9. TV shows
    10. books
  • Tuesday, November 5
    1. pillows
    2. chap stick
    3. microwaves
    4. fingernail clippers
    5. wristwatches
    6. swimming suits
    7. nose hair
    8. forks
    9. email
    10. light bulbs
  • Wednesday, November 6
    1. Water to drink
    2. refrigerators
    3. blankets
    4. cameras
    5. UPS
    6. Paper
    8. Rain
    9. Rainbows
    10. the leaves changing colors
The thing I am most grateful for though is Cami. What are you most grateful for? Leave a comment to let me know.


  1. I would have to agree and say my spouse. Sean rocks.

  2. Hi, thanks for linking up on the Journeys of the Zoo Bloglovin Linky, stopping by to see you from and looking forward to reading more of your blog


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