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Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankful Thursdays 2013

Back in 2006, the year we were married, we were attending our church's Sunday worship services in early November and the topic of the messages was gratitude. We heard many of the normal and standard aspects of the gratitude message: be grateful, count your blessings, say thank-you, etc. 

There was one suggestion, however, that stood out to both of us. The individual speaking said that the week leading up to Thanksgiving each year they would write down ten things each day that they were grateful for. Nothing on the list could be duplicated so on Thanksgiving he had a list of seventy unique things he was grateful for.

That evening Cami and I were discussing the messages that we had heard and some of the things we had learned and enjoyed as we often do. I mentioned that I thought it would be fun to do this grateful list and Cami jumped up with a twinkle in her eye and squealed "me too! Let's do it!" 

For the seven days leading up to Thanksgiving we kept our lists and would share them with each other before we went to bed each evening. It was fun and really cultivated a greater sense of gratitude in us for the blessings we had received.

When November came around the next year we decided to make it a little harder, and a little more competitive. We were going to write down ten unique things each day starting November 1st and going through Thanksgiving day. The competition part arose unintentionally as we raced each evening to finish our list before the other.

On Thanksgiving day we reviewed our lists for the month and had well over 250 things each for which we were grateful. Intellectually we were surprised at the size of our lists and their breadth and our hearts were truly amazed at the generosity of our Father for His wonderful kindness and mercy toward us. We resolved to do it again the next year.

We have done this each year now with this November being the eighth year. Through the month I will be posting my "grateful lists" and Cami will post those that she feels inclined to share. We'll call this series "Thankful Thursdays".

We invite and encourage you to keep a list too. It's easy. Each day write down ten things that you are thankful for. You cannot duplicate any items. That way when you are done you will have a list of things, each one unique, for which you are grateful. I promise that doing this will help you to have the best Thanksgiving ever.

For those that don't mind, we would love to hear some of your lists. Please share those that you are comfortable sharing in the comments.

Now, let's be thankful!

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  1. I am Thankful for Sean...for God's provision in my last three months of unemployement...for the time to visit I dying friend that I wouldn't have been able to were I employed...for an upcoming Thanksgiving getaway...for the swarm of interviews that came my way this week...for learning to can and shoot recently...


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