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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

25 Acts of Kindness Wrap Up (by Cami)

Sorry this has taken so long to wrap up, Tyson was waiting for me to actually finish the 25 things. And I had finished it, I was just waiting for the last nice thing to show up at his office but it took a lot longer getting there than I thought (for any of you who don't know what I'm talking about, last month Tyson and I put together a competition to see which couple could do 50 kind things for each other, 25 each. You can read about if you want).

I REALLY loved this challenge (as anyone and everyone knows that reads this blog). I love doing nice things for Tyson. Surprisingly though, I had a hard time thinking of 25 different things. I guess I am just so nice in the first place that thinking of anything more was quite the challenge. :)

I mean, I do the dishes and a million other chores (it feels like it) every day, I take care of the kids, I do his laundry, AND he is trying to lose weight so giving him candy or baked goods kind of wasn’t a nice thing. 

But then again, withholding food was kind of a mean thing too. Plus, spending any money on him I felt bad, because he earns the money so it was like, hey, work some more so I can get this nice thing for you. Yeah, so I was having a hard time coming up with things that were actually nice.

But I did. Finally. 

Tyson and I really loved reading all the lists couples sent him that participated in the challenge (anyone that didn’t email him, even if you didn’t finish the 25 things, still email him, he is always looking for ways to be nice to me or to share with others so they can get ideas of what they can do for their love).  Seriously, the lists were so cute. Some of our favorites were:
  • Spelled out "I love you" in licorice on a table for him to find when he got home from a meeting
  • Created a puzzle mat to make it easier for her to do puzzles, a hobby of hers
  • Made him a Google search printout that had personalized search results for "the love of my life."
  • Let her win a game we were playing
  • Forwarded an IFunny pic to him (and his dad) that I knew they’d enjoy
  • Brought home a KitKat for her
Tyson was amazing and seriously, I felt overwhelmed with niceness. I loved that everything he did were things that I really loved and appreciated. I could tell he really thought about it. I so love being loved.

So congrats to the first three couples that finished, you are awesome. You totally did beat us and we hope you enjoy your gifts!!

So what do you think, should we do another challenge anytime soon?

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  1. I think you should, Cami! At the time of your challenge, I was kind of wrapped up in taking my anniversary trip with my hubby and then got hit with the diagnosis of breast cancer when we got back, so I missed out on all the fun you too and so many others had. Statistics show that couples who do small, kind things for and with one another on a daily basis are much less likely to divorce. So there's something powerful in being lovingly intentional! Great thoughts, sweet friends and I hope you link this up at Wedded Wed today!


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