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Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's Me, Cami

Hi y'all!  It's Cami again.  I decided to hack into Tyson's website and write.  I like messing with him, and I especially love disrupting his very strict sense of order.  I like to think I keep him balanced.  :)

So, I just wanted to tell everyone that I am so excited for the 25 Acts of Kindness Challenge!  I know, it is kind of ridiculous to be so excited to be nice to someone, but I seriously want to win.  I mean, I love being nice to Tyson, but I really love prizes, especially if that means they come in the mail.  I totally love getting fun mail, especially if it is food.  It is so boring to get bills all the time.

Tyson said we don't qualify and the prizes have to go to people that signed up for the challenge, but hello, if we are competing against you, then why shouldn't I get one of the prizes if I earned it right?  It is only fair.  :)

I mean, I would get to pick from a tower of gifts (AKA yummy food), a box of Halloween fun stuff and free movie rentals, OR a Datelivery box (I think that is the one I would personally pick, even though I love food, I love dating Tyson more...which is really saying something, cuz I LOVE food).  The thought is so exciting, it is a competition I might actually have a chance at winning.

So I have been planning all kinds of awesome nice things to do for Tyson.  At first I thought, that is so easy, I can do that no problem.  But then I got to thinking, what can I possibly do for him??  Usually when I do nice things, it is kind of selfish.  Like, if I get him a candy bar, I know he will share.  I have come to see that I am not as selfless as I always imagine myself being.  :)

Okay, so I have a few ideas of things to do...but not a ton.  But I still really want to win a prize, so I think that is good motivation, right?

If you haven't signed up yet, you should.  It is fun and a good thing to do, because it pushes you to think more about what your spouse likes and needs.  But if you don't compete, that's okay, more chance for me to win.  (evil chuckle)  :)

If you HAVE signed up, then picture me, at the starting line of a race, looking over at you with narrowed eyes and saying "the race is on, Buddy."  

It starts THIS Monday, October 7th.  Sign up here.

So do you think Tyson will laugh that I snuck onto his website and posted this, or do you think he will get a pretend cranky face, roll his eyes, and say in a growly voice "urgh, Camden"  Haha.  I love torturing him.  :)  Good thing he never actually gets mad at me.


  1. You should make an appearance here more often Cami!

  2. I agree with Bekah! You are a hoot! And no, I don't think your hubby will mind. I definitely wouldn't mind if my husband hacked onto my blog to post!:) By the way, did you know Tyson gave me input for a modesty series I'm sharing this week? His comments are in my post from Wednesday. He gave me so much great input!
    Jaimie Ramsey


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