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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Pick the Best Neighborhoods: go where the candy is

When planning out Halloween evening and the trick-or-treating route you're going to take you need to take three things into account:

  1. The proximity of the houses to one another. You want them close together, that way you don't have to waste time going between houses. If each house is on a one acre lot and it takes you two minutes to run between homes then you spend as much time running from house to house as you do collecting candy. You should be able to run from door to door in less than a minute.
  2. The size of the homes. If the homes are too large they will probably be on larger lots and put them farther apart (see point #1). If the homes are too small they may not have the financial resources to purchase the best candy, in other words, you might get tums (I think I saw a sitcom where that happened once). Middle class families tend (not always) to give out good candy. Things like fun size candy bars. Sometimes you'll even get lucky and they'll give out full size candy bars but don't count on that. 
  3. The number of homes in the neighborhood. New housing developments that have been fully or nearly fully filled are usually ideal. The homes are reasonably close together, the families are firmly middle-class and have children that will be trick-or-treating as well (which means they will have candy to give out), and there are TONS of houses in the development. You can literally go from street to street and cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac knocking on doors. Ideally there will be between 100 and 200 homes in the development. If you give yourself two minutes a house that will easily take up the entire trick-or-treating time.
That's it. It's pretty simple. Find a middle class neighborhood with a lot of homes close together and you're set. I recommend scouting out neighborhoods a week or two before Halloween so that you don't waste time that night. 

While you're performing reconnaissance another good indicator of whether or not there will be candy in the neighborhood on Halloween night is by the decorations. The more Halloween decorations you see the more likely it is that there will be candy there.

As you've been reading I know that you've had a few thoughts as to where you're going to go scout around. Don't miss next Wednesday's post "Going Out Properly Equipped: what you need to be successful". We'll talk about what types of shoes to wear, clothing choices, and trick-or-treating equipment.

See you next week!


What did you think about my advice? Anything to add? Please share with us in the comments! 

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