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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What is Uplifting Love?

Do you wonder where the name for this blog came from? I'm weird and when I see a blog or a website I always try to figure out it's domain name and why that domain was chosen.

If you're like me (and most of you probably are not, I recognize I am "different") then you may wonder the same thing about Uplifting Love.

Let me tell you why I chose the name Uplifting Love and I will do so by defining what Uplifting Love is, at least as far as I am concerned.

Love is a fascinating emotion, especially romantic love which for the sake of our discussion we will define as love between a man and a woman. It is so compelling that some of the greatest minds over the millennia have spent countless hours writing plays, poetry, and novels concerning it.

From the time that we are young we think about it, obsess over it, and hope to find and hold on to it. The search for love can lead to tragedy as Shakespeare so beautifully describes in Romeo and Juliet. Misplaced love can lead to heartache. Unrequited love can destroy hearts and lives.

But real love, lasting love brings peace, happiness, satisfaction, and unparalleled joy. It lifts the human soul to heights never before imagined and inspires us to greatness.

Love is the most powerful force in existence. It is what powers the universe itself.

This type of love is uplifting love. The trick is learning how to tap into this kind of love and then invest the effort required to obtain it.

That's the my purpose for writing and maintaining this blog. My hope is that what I share will help others discover and cultivate uplifting love in their marriages and strengthen marriages where uplifting love can already be found.

Turning good marriages into great marriages...that's Uplifting Love.


I would love to hear what you think about my blog, any suggestions or feedback you have for me, and your thoughts on this. How can I explain it better? How can I reach a greater audience? Please tell me in the comments.

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