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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stretch Your Kindness Muscles

Did you see my post yesterday?

I announced a competition that Cami and I are hosting. We're calling it the 25 Acts of Kindness Challenge and we invite all couples to compete against us!

I find that doing small and simple things for my wife strengthens our marriage and our friendship and helps us to be happier. I fall increasingly more in love with her as I do kind things for her and as she does them for me. To provide additional motivation for us to do kind things for each other and to help motivate other couples we challenge you to a competition. It's called the 25 Acts of Kindness Challenge.

The challenge works like this: beginning at 9am EDT on Monday, October 7th the race is on. You and your spouse must perform 25 acts of kindness for the other (50 in total) as quickly as possible. Keep track of the acts of kindness and who did which. When you're both done submit that list to me. The first three to do it win a prize. Everyone who participates will have fun and strengthen their marriage! In other words, no one loses. :)

On Tuesday we'll be unveiling the rules and the prizes that we're offering.

On Friday the sign up for the competition opens and remains open for one week.

Then, on Monday, October 7th, the competition begins!

Click here and enter your email address to be reminded when we unveil the prizes, open the competition registration, and when the competition itself begins.

Have a great weekend!

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