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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saving Your Marriage

"A marriage, eternal in duration and Godlike in quality, does not contemplate divorce." 



  1. that's really, really neat. Although I don't agree with a large amount of what the Mormon religion teaches, I can agree with them on that marriage quote-- although, as a Lutheran, I don't believe marriage is QUITE eternal. I think my husband's and my relationship on the other side of eternity will be a special one, to be sure, but I believe it was in the book of Matthew that Jesus said in heaven there will not be marriage as we know it on earth (that would be my paraphrase :) ). However, my husband and I like to say to each other 'till heaven and then forever'--I will love him into eternity. And divorce is absolutely, positively, NOT an option, EVER!

  2. "divorce is absolutely, positively, NOT an option, EVER!"

    I loved this! Thank you Jaimie!

    While I understand and agree that there are differences in belief between denominations and religious groups the key, as you so clearly stated, is that the happiest and most successful marriages do not even contemplate divorce, it is simply not an option.

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your friendship and insights!


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