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Monday, September 2, 2013

10 Ways to Tell Your Wife She is Beautiful

I love this quote. I completely, 100% agree with it. Every woman needs to be told she is beautiful. 

Just as important, every wife deserves to be told she is beautiful by her husband. I make it a point to tell my wife how beautiful, attractive, and pretty she is many times a day. 

There are many ways to tell your wife that she is beautiful. The key is to do it and do it often. Here are ten ways to tell your wife she is beautiful.
  1. "You know, you are looking especially pulchritudinous today." (you can also consider this your word of the day!)
  2. "Wow, you look stunning!"
  3. "You are just gorgeous"
  4. "I am so lucky to have married such a pretty woman"
  5. "You look lovely"
  6. "What an attractive lady!"
  7. "You are striking in that outfit"
  8. "You are one FINE looking woman!"
  9. "Huh. I'm glad I have such a good-looking wife."
  10. My personal favorite: "Honey, you are beautiful and I love you."
Okay. Go tell your wife she's beautiful.

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  1. Well, I am a wife and I tell my husband that he is godlooking.
    I love his blue eyes, his touch, his kindness, his support and his admiring look.
    Visiting from Winsome Wednesday. My entry: Love and faithfulness from:

  2. Amen! Kinds words never go unreturned. And I always enjoy hearing my husband tell me that he thinks I'm beautiful, there's a reassurance that comes from hearing it too! Joining from Messy Marriage link-up today.... do hope you can stop by

    1. Absolutely Shannon. That's exactly it. It is so important for husbands to remind their wives how beautiful and attractive they find them. Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is such an important "act of love" for a wife, Tyson. I'm so glad you recognize the need that all women have to be told her husband finds her beautiful. Many men neglect this and then bemoan the fact that their wives won't have more sex with them. But the main reason they aren't is because they doubt their beauty in their husband's eyes. And who can ensure that they at least hear how "beautiful" they are? Husbands! Men have so much more influence and power than they can even imagine! Great thoughts, my friend!

    1. You're right Beth. Husbands have a lot more influence than we realize. The smallest things that we do/can do have the greatest impact on our loving and wonderful wives. We need to be conscientious of that and act accordingly. Thanks for leaving a comment. They are always insightful!

  4. Great advice. I texted my wife on her work break: "Are you able to get out on your break? It's beautiful outside. Of course, if you are inside, it's beautiful there too." She said I made her smile. That is enough of a reward.

    1. Great job Steve! I've found that when my wife says that I made her smile that means that I made her feel loved, valued, and appreciated. I also find that I get bigger hugs and more passionate kisses when I "make her smile." Keep up the great work!

      Also, thank you for commenting. It's not often men leave comments and I REALLY appreciate you taking the time.

  5. Important to do. It made me realize how my husband felt last night as he walked in the door, with a fresh haircut & beard trimmed close & I commented how great he looked. We all need to know that to our spouse we are the most beautiful or most handsome. I was your neighbor this morning at the Faithful Fri. Blog Hop.
    Happy Friday!

  6. Sweet! My husband is very good at this!

  7. How wonderful! My readers reallllly liked this on the blog hop last week. You had so many views that it is one of the featured posts on THIS week's Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Be sure to stop by :)
    Ducks ‘n a Row

  8. Love it! ladies definitely need to be told how beautiful we are. And thank God for the hubbies who do just that :).

  9. My baby tells me I am beautiful all the time it truly turns me on as a woman we love to know our men pay great attention but equally my man is adorable and I tell him all the time. ..

  10. Great advice. We men should and need to tell our spouses that they are beautiful.

  11. I tell my wife her butt looks nice and how I want to plow her.

    I'm a hopeless romantic.


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