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Monday, August 5, 2013

Marriage Counseling...from a kid's perspective

Our family has a new set of favorite YouTube videos to watch. They are called "Kid Snippets". What happens is that these adults get two or three little kids together (they seem to be between the ages of 3 and 6 or so) and ask them to act out a scenario. They videotape the entire dialogue and then, using the audio, reenact it (the adults are doing the acting). Hilarious!

There are a bunch of them but we found this one just yesterday and it's so funny I had to share.

My favorite part is when the "counselor" asks the "counseled" what he thinks the secret of marriage is. He responds "maybe it's love". I agree 100%. It is love.

Children really are smarter than we think they are. Enjoy!


  1. hahaha...glad you shared. this was cute.

    You should also look into "conversations with my 2 year old" on youtube

  2. Haha..."What if my wife doesn't like pizza?!...Italian pizza!" This is great!

  3. So cute and funny; it did remind me of the conversations with my 2 year old videos!! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. That's adorable! I wonder if the adults are the parents of the kids who do the voices. So fun. :)


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