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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Ways to Make Her Feel Like a Princess

I remember when I was a young teenager I remember sitting around the campfire with my friends discussing the Disney princesses. Our purpose was two-fold: first, to identify which ones were the most attractive, and second, to rank them in order of their beauty and then argue as to who was right about the most attractive princess.

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Those were fun times. It was always a hearty discussion and each of us almost always had a different number one princess. Part of this debate was defending your opinion which meant you needed to be very familiar with the physical aspects and personality of the princess that you were championing.

I'm not sure why we did this but as I've gotten older and reflected on those teenage discussions I have also realized that, while inadvertent, I was being prepared to recognize the princess I wanted to marry someday. She had to be very attractive, smart, funny, sweet and kind, strong, and courageous. When I met her many years later, I recognized her instantly.

I believe that most men when they are engaged or newly wed would agree that they recognize the princess in their fiancee/spouse and she would say that he treats her like a princess. But how many women would say that they still feel like their husband's princess (or queen) after a few years of marriage? I suspect not nearly as many.

Husbands, let me remind you how to make your wife feel like a princess.
  1. Save her from dragons. Whether it is the children, her own nerves, or pressures from life save her from them. Take her away on a date or maybe a get away. You might not be able to slay the dragons but you can help her escape them even if it's only temporary.
  2. Be her prince. Be a gentleman and shower her with jewels. They can be real jewels like ear rings or necklaces. Or they can be metaphorical jewels like opening the door for her, giving her your coat, or saying kind things.
  3. Shower her with treasures. They can be real treasures like ear rings or necklaces. Or they can be metaphorical treasures like opening the door for her, giving her your coat, or saying kind things. The small and simple things like kind words and deeds are the greatest treasures.
  4. Build her a castle. If you can do it, actually build her a real castle. However, most of us aren't going to be able to do that. Instead make your home, wherever it is, a sanctuary and somewhere that she feels safe. Her castle should be a place where she is protected from criticism and unkind words. In her castle she should feel confident and secure in who she is. Make your home her castle.
  5. Buy her shoes and clothes. Whether or not they are glass slippers girls love shoes. Need I say more?
  6. Make her feel pretty and outstanding. According to one definition of princess is "any very attractive or outstanding woman." Tell her she's pretty and amazing. Share with her why you're attracted to her and tell her the things you admire about her. Remind her that she is a princess because she is very attractive and outstanding.
  7. Treat her like the prize. This last one is the most important and encapsulates all of the others. I found this description of a princess in literature and it is perfect. "In terms of epic story structure, the Princess is the sought after person, the prize, the Holy Grail." Does your wife feel this way?
Men, I challenge you to make sure your wife remembers the princess that she is. Women, I challenge you to be the princesses that your husbands believe you are.

What do you do (or what does your husband do) to make your wife feel like a princess?


  1. HI There! This is such a cute post! I can just see you around the fire, discussing the in's and out's of the princesses. Hey, who wouldn't love a castle??
    My husband cooks dinner for me now, and does all the grocery shopping. That's pretty nice! He also sets free the chipmunks we trap, because I'm not going near that thing!

    So nice to meet you today! From Winsome Wednesdays,

    1. Sounds like you have a good man. :) Do you catch many chipmunks?

  2. The more important question here, is which Disney princess did you defend?

    1. My wife wants to know as well Bekah. Good question.

      I think it was usually Nala from the Lion King. :)

  3. Thanks Bekah, I was wondering the same thing. What princess am I? :)

  4. What a great way to encourage husbands, Tyson. With each tip you give, I can heartily say that they are wise words--words that will win a wife's heart over and over again. Thanks so much for this creative and insightful post, my friend.

  5. This made me cry. I don't think my husband has ever made me feel this way.

  6. Great to read a post like this written by such a caring guy!

  7. As always I love reading your post! I think I married a wonderful hubby. He does almost everything on your list. We have a little disagreement on clothing. LOL! Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain

  8. Hi Tyson! Too funny...Ceil and I must be married to the same man, with the exception of the chipmunk traps! Lol! After almost 25 years of marriage, I can truly say he is definitely a true prince, who makes me feel like a princess...he still has the touch! ;-) Thanks so much for good to hear a man's point of view! Thanks for linking up, have a great week!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  9. If you want your woman to feel like a princess, then you need to truly understand the female mind. For some great advice from a true scholar, Denis Hickey, read this book;

  10. But, it goes both ways; over the long term you only get back what you put it. Having just broken up with a lady who was not great at giving back (and was surprised this imbalance could be a dealbreaker) I was inspired to post.

    And FTR, I totally am a "giver". I don't stretch myself to do it.

  11. Just keep in mind that it goes both ways. Over the long term, each partner in a relationship only gets out what he or she puts in. Water really does seek its own level.

    I just ended a relationship where she was the princess, was not great at giving back, and did not believe this discrepancy could create significant relationship issues. So maybe me posting can save another lady from making the same mistake.


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