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Monday, July 8, 2013

I Love My Wife More Than I Did 7 Years Ago Because...

I've mentioned over the last few months that Cami and I would be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this year. Well, the time has finally arrived. Today we celebrate the anniversary of our wedding day some seven years ago. I want to do two things with this post: first, share a few reasons why I love my wife more today than I did seven years ago; and, second, to share pictures with you of our life together to this point. I'll be honest, I'm hoping to earn some points with Cami today. :)

First, I love my wife more today than I did seven years ago because...
  1. She loves me more than she did seven years ago
  2. She has born me three sons (with number four due in less than a month)
  3. She believes in my dreams and works with me to make them come true
  4. She gets increasingly beautiful with each day that passes
  5. I know her WAY better than I did seven years ago and love her all the more for who she is
  6. She continues to laugh at my jokes even though she's heard them all a hundred times
  7. Because I've served her and loved her for seven years. I've found that the more I love her and the more I serve her the more I love her and want to serve her. Apparently they feed on each other.
Now for some pictures, a little walk down memory lane. :)

These pictures were all taken before we were married. The first one was the picture we used for our wedding invitation; at the bottom right was a picture I love from our engagement pictures; next to it was on the weekend I first decided I was interested in Cami; directly above that was at our engagement party; and to the right of that is a picture of us at Disney World where I first met Cami's family. Good times. :)

Right: the birth of our first son; Middle: Me and our oldest holding our second son shortly after we brought him home from the hospital; Left: Cami and me in the hospital with our third. We've been blessed so far with three very wonderful sons. There will be pictures of number four when he arrives in about a month!

Cami and I love taking trips together. Sometimes with the kids and sometimes just the two of us. The first row of pictures is us on our first anniversary camping. It was the only thing we could afford to do at the time (and we just barely afforded it). The second row is a picture on the left of Cami and I when we went to Jamestown just before our oldest was born and on the right is a picture of us on an anniversary trip a few years ago when we went to a nearby city, stayed at a nice hotel, and saw one of Shakespear's plays. The next picture is our family at a corn maze a couple of years ago and the last two photos are of Cami and me in Hershey, Pennsylvania. That was an AWESOME trip!

After seven years and lots of memories I can honestly and proudly say that I love my sweet wife more than I did the day we married. She gets more beautiful, sweet, kind, and perfect each day. I look forward to spending not only the rest of my life with her but all of eternity. 

I love you Cami. Happy 7th Anniversary!


  1. This is SO sweet! :) Hope Cami's feeling great 8+ months into a pregnancy... blessings on the end of that and your new life as a family of six!

    Also, happy anniversary! Way to go on seven years--may you be blessed for many, many more!

  2. You are beyond perfect. I love this post! Thank you and happy anniversary to you too Handsome!

  3. Well done, congratulations on 7 years! Happy Anniversary
    Domesticated Breakdown

  4. This is such a beautiful tribute to a marriage that will stand through the tests of time! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a loving husband you are.

  6. You know, around the seventh and thirteenth years many couple's falter and struggle. It looks like you're both going to sail right through that first threshold into your eighth year, Tyson! I'm certain it's because you have invested in your wife faithfully over the years. You treasure her and I'm certain she's treasuring you back. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos too. You have a beautiful family. My husband and I have three sons. We never tried for a fourth child for various reasons, but I'm excited to hear you're both going for it! I love big families! Thanks so much for linking up again. I appreciate your ministry here, my friend!

  7. Awwww.. Happy anniversary! Beautiful marriage, beautiful pictures!

  8. So sweet!! Happy 7th anniversary and my hubby and I are living proof there is no such thing as the "7 Year Itch" unless you consider the Marilyn Monroe movie an imitation of life :).


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