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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday to the Woman I Love!

Today is Cami's birthday!

I'm so glad that she was born. What a sad and lonely world it would be if she hadn't joined it. Thanks Mom Hardy for bringing her into it. I will forever be indebted to you.

My wife loves her birthday. She gets this from her dad. He LOVES his birthday. He eagerly anticipates it for months, expects members of the family to spend hours, if not days, looking for just the right gift and card (he is a greeting card fanatic), and every year expects his birthday to be magical. His oldest daughter is the same way (though, thankfully, she has lower expectations about gifts).

Photo courtesy of Vial Photography
Each January we have a little "half-birthday" celebration in anticipation of the real event. She'll text me on January 2nd and send me an email or two reminding me it's her half-birthday (she does the same thing on my half-birthday). I think one year we even had a party.

Lest I make Cami sound conceited I need to clarify that she loves all birthdays. She congratulates her sisters and occasionally close friends on their birthdays (and half-birthdays). Again, she loves birthdays.

Well, with today being her birthday I decided to do something special for her. I surprised her by taking the day off of work, taking her out to breakfast (by far her favorite meal), I gave her a cool gift that I spent about two weeks secretly putting together, and we went out to dinner at the restaurant of her choice. Hopefully it was a good day for her and exceeded her expectations.

Photo courtesy of Vial Photography
Now, at the end of the day I want to share with you the top five reasons I love Cami's birthday. They are:
  1. Surprises. I love to surprise Cami. The look on her face and the sheer, pure joy in her eyes make all of the effort worth it.
  2. Fun. Her birthday is always fun because she gets so excited about it. It reminds me of what I felt like on my birthday when I was a kid.
  3. Cake. I love cake. I would eat it and ice cream all the time if I didn't have to worry about stomach aches, cavities, and getting ridiculously fat. And we always have a good cake on her birthday.
  4. Presents. It's fun (and a bit stressful) coming up with a present for Cami each year but it's a challenge and I love challenges.
  5. Food. I don't think it's quite a tradition yet but more often than not we go out to eat on Cami's birthday. This is a real treat since we don't go out to eat very often and she always picks fun restaurants.
My wife is awesome. I love her. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


  1. Half birthdays are the best! My daughter had THREE birthday last year alone. We'll see if Cami is singing the same tune once she turns 40 ;)

    Regardless, Happy Birthday Cami!

    Tyson, I sent you an email about co-hosting my BlogLovin Hop.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  2. Thanks Hunny! It really was the best day ever! Love you!


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