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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

24 Pillow Present Ideas

I subscribe to Gary Chapman's email newsletter and enjoy seeing the tips and suggestions that he provides on a regular basis. In one of the recent newsletters he suggested leaving a little present on your spouse's pillow to show them that you care. Cool.

Why does this work? Well, we all love getting presents.

Presents can be a lot of work though. All of the planning, the sneaking around, and the cost combine to cause us to reserve presents for special occasions. But, if we think about it, every moment with the ones we love is a special occasion.

Okay, so now you have a justification to give gifts randomly at any time. That still doesn't solve the problems of the planning, sneaking around, and cost. Let me help with that. Here are 24 gifts you can give your spouse that don't require much planning, sneaking around, or money.
  1. A flower, preferably your wife's favorite flower
  2. Tickets to a ball game (if you go to a local team the tickets are WAY cheaper, maybe attend a little league game)
  3. A picture of the two of you with a cute frame for his office
  4. The makeup product that she has been wanting
  5. That book he mentioned that he wants to read
  6. Chapstick
  7. A handwritten love note
  8. He mentioned a tool that he wants, leave it on his pillow
  9. His favorite candy bar
  10. Cami's socks are always wearing out so I got her some new socks a while ago (exciting? maybe not but she knew I was paying attention!)
  11. A note using conversation hearts
  12. Lotion
  13. Perfume/cologne
  14. A new hair brush
  15. A bottle of Martinelli's
  16. At Christmas an early stocking
  17. At Easter a chocolate egg
  18. On St. Patrick's Day a four leaf clover with a note that says "I'm lucky to have you"
  19. A miniature flashlight that says "You turn me on" (Cami suggested this one)
  20. New scarf
  21. Origami flowers or a little bird
  22. Another throw pillow (not recommended as a gift for a husband)
  23. Stuffed animal
  24. Earmuffs
Now that I've put this list out there I've realized that many of these could be used with your children as well. Remember, the trick to a pillow present is that it tells someone we were thinking about them and that we love them. It is that simple.

Photo courtesy of Vial Photography
Let me know how it goes and leave me a comment telling me about what you did or you're planning to do. 

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  1. great list, though "another throw pillow" cracked me up!

  2. Awesome list. Now I'm inspired to think of a present. :)

  3. I love Cami's brilliant idea with the little flashlight. I think a small candle with a cute cox of matches might also do the trick.
    Much love XX


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