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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not Your Traditional Father's Day Tribute

Today is the day that is set aside in the United States to celebrate and honor fathers.

Happy Father's Day dad!

While it would be traditional to do a tribute to my father I'm going to break tradition.


Happy Father's Day Cami! Happy Father's Day Mom!

That's right. Without mothers there wouldn't be father's. Seems pretty simple but it's the reason I'm breaking with tradition (besides it would be weird and oddly self-serving if I wrote a tribute to myself).

So, to not take you away from celebrating Father's Day with the men in your lives I'll make this short.

I love being a father. My boys are fantastic, cute, funny, energetic, and bring me a lot of joy and pride because I am their dad. I love playing with them, "beating them up" (wrestling), teaching them, and working with them in the yard and in the home. They are good boys and I am grateful to be their dad.

However, without their mom, I don't know how much I would like them.

Undoubtedly I would love my sons but who they are has been and continues to be influenced so much by their mom and  her good example and teaching that without her I don't know how much I would like them. I am certain they would be hoodlums and miscreants without her influence. I'm grateful to be a father and that's because of their mother.

I am also grateful for my father. He's a wonderful man whom I love, respect, and consider my friend. He's one of my favorite people to talk to, I love visiting historical sites with him, and appreciate his advice and insight. But I don't think I would have the the friendship with him that I do if it weren't for my mother. She taught me to respect others and to be kind and considerate. Her influence is largely responsible for me turning out like I have which makes it possible to have the friendship with my dad (because he likes me, at least, I'm under the impression that he does). Thanks Mom!

To all the fathers out there: Happy Father's Day! (and to all the mothers: Happy Father's Day as well!)


  1. Nice! After the NBA Finals game on Sunday, Lisa Leslie, said something similar. Although she was saying Happy Father's Day to the many women who play double duty.

  2. I have to say that I've never seen anyone write about their Mom or their wife on Father's Day as a tribute. That was very nice. Happy belated Father's Day to you.

  3. What a beautiful post and an amazing tribute!


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