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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The End (aka The Last 20 Acts)

Okay, so it's been seven weeks since I challenged myself to complete 100 acts of kindness for my wife (I actually finished last week so technically I did it in six weeks). It's been fun trying to think of ways to be kind to my sweet wife and help make her life easier. But now it's over. I'm not being nice to her anymore. Just kidding! Of course I'll continue to be kind to her. Hopefully I'll be even kinder to her than I was before I challenged myself because she deserves it. So, here's my list of the last twenty kind things I have done for my wife.

81. Brought my wife some really pretty and really fragrant lilacs and put them in the kitchen for her to brighten her day
82. Watched all of the "Lizzy Bennett Diaries" videos on YouTube with her (there are 100 videos so that alone could count as my 100 acts of kindness!)
83. I brought Cami a cupcake that one of my coworkers made (she said it was AMAZING)
84 and 85. On a Saturday Cami's friends called and invited her to go and see The Host at the local theater. Grocery shopping needed to be done that day. So I told her to go and she went and I did the grocery shopping. That's one nice thing. The second is that I did the grocery shopping with all three of our little boys (ages 5, 3, and 1) by myself.
86. While we were watching the Animal Planet show "Tanked" I brushed her hair (so it was like an hour and a half because we actually watched two episodes)
87. I got up early on a Monday morning and put the dishes away so that it would be done when Cami woke up
88. My wife's little sister came over one evening and we decided to watch a movie. I wanted to watch a good movie (something with explosions and mystery) but I ceded and we watched "27 Dresses" instead.
89. Often my coworkers will bring baked goods to the office to share. I try to always bring some home for Cami. I mentioned the cupcake earlier (#83). Other things I have brought home recently are pieces of cake, cookies, brownies, and I believe there was even rice crispy treats at some point.
90. Last week there was a supervisor training meeting. There were refreshments (that's the only way to get people to attend a meeting). Included in the refreshments were Costco muffins, our favorite! So I tucked two of them away and snuck them out of the meeting and brought them home to Cami.
91. I went to the store with our two oldest boys and bought stuff to make s'mores then we came home and shared them with their mom
92. I let Cami mow the lawn. I know, I know. This doesn't sound like a kind thing, however, you have to know Cami. She actually loves mowing the lawn. Yes, it is weird. But she does enjoy it. So sometimes I let her mow part of the lawn (obviously I can't let her do the whole thing or the neighbors will start to talk, otherwise I would).
93. Before Cami started mowing the lawn I emptied the grass clippings out of the bag so that she wouldn't have to
94. I texted her after one of her doctor's appointments (we're expecting our fourth child) that I thought she had sexy veins. Leave a comment if you would like to know the rest of the story. That way I'll know someone is actually reading my list. :)
95. When she accidentally signed our oldest son up for swimming lessons I was supportive and thanked her for taking such wonderful care of our children (it actually doesn't cost that much we just hadn't budgeted for it)
96. I made lunch for us, grilled cheese sandwiches, because she wasn't feeling well (she just needed to eat but sometimes she forgets to)
97. Because Cami is almost seven months pregnant and her self-image sometimes needs a little boost from time to time I try to help. A week or so ago she was having a particularly hard day so I informed her that I was going to prove that she wasn't as large as she was feeling (she compared herself to an elephant) and so I picked her up and went to carry her into the front room. However, as we rounded the first corner I slammed her elbow into the wall. That ended that kind act.
98. The other day she was feeling quite out of sorts and so I began to tease her pretty aggressively. Yes, I realize that doesn't sound like a nice thing to do but it actually brings her around faster than anything else, and she usually thanks me afterward.
99. We went to our local drive-in theater two weekend ago and I gave Cami the warmer blankets that we brought so that she wouldn't be cold. Which kind of doesn't seem fair since she walks around with a built-in personal furnace everyday, but that's beside the point.
100. Last, but certainly not least, I did 100 kind things for my wife above and beyond the usual!! Okay, this was supposed to be my last act but then Cami gently pointed out that this wasn't actually a hundred because it doesn't count. So...
101. I came up with a great Mother's Day present for Cami. I'm not going to say any more about this one as I plan to dedicate a post to it in the next week or so. But it's pretty cool.

Thank you for joining me in this adventure. One of the things I have learned is that I show my love for my wife by bringing her food. Interesting... Anyway, I challenge you to do something extra kind for your spouse today. Then, if you feel so inclined, share it with me in the comments. I love to hear about the wonderful things you're doing.


  1. I love to mow too! I always wonder what my neighbors think when they see me mowing and my husband isn't anywhere to be found. =) Also, please share the sexy veins story lol

    1. Okay, so the sexy vein story is as follows. This is our fourth pregnancy and different issues arise with each pregnancy. This time my wife is having some circulatory issues with her legs (the blood isn't quite flowing quite right and it's causing her to have bruise-like spots on one of her heels and another one or two on her legs that hurt a lot). At the her last doctor's appointment she asked about it and they said that this is actually pretty common and that while it hurts we don't need to be concerned. Then Cami mentioned that she just wanted to make sure she didn't have a blood clot or something which could cause a heart attack. The midwife kind of freaked out and immediately ordered an ultrasound of her leg to make sure that there weren't any blood clots. So she's all disappointed about the ultrasound when she gets to the hospital. The ultrasound tech made her feel a lot better by being kind and told Cami that she had great veins. Cami texted me and told me that she had great veins and I replied "I know. Why do you think I married you?" Her reply "What? You think I have sexy veins?" My response "Of course! As if I don't tell you that everyday!" So we now have been joking about her sexy veins. That's the story. Thanks for asking Amber. It makes me feel better to know that someone is actually reading what I write. :)

    2. Love it! We haven't had children yet, but I'll be sure to tell him to compliment my sexy veins when it happens! I'm a lurker, but I read all of your posts, so keep on writing! =)

  2. I've loved reading this! You two sound like you have a lot of fun...with the teasing and sexy veins and all.

    1. Thanks Bekah! We love having fun. In fact, I've thought about changing my middle name to fun. What do you think?


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