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Friday, April 12, 2013

Husbands vs. the Children

Kristin Shaw published an article with the Huffington Post on Tuesday (April 2nd) about the difference types of love she feels for her husband and her son. Her article was based on the question: "do I love my husband or my son more?" Her conclusion was that it is too difficult to decide because she loves them both differently. While I agree that there are different types of love I think that some clarification is in order.

I agree with Ms. Shaw that there are different kinds of love. I love my parents. I love my wife. I love our children. I love chocolate and anything with sugar in it. I love to read. I love the outdoors (especially sunsets). I love a lot of things, however, the kind of love and the intensity I feel is different.

My wife and I have three sons with a fourth child on the way. We love them so very much. We cherish them and cannot imagine life without them. It would be so empty if they were not here. The love that we feel for them is immense (and I don't even pretend to understand the depth and breadth of the love that she feels for them, I just know that it is greater because she is a mother, than what I feel as a father. That is a gift God blesses mothers with). The children did nothing to earn it and do not need to do anything to keep it. In many ways it is our gift to them. And they love us because we love them but could make the choice not to. We, however, will always love them. The love a parent has for a child, especially a mother for her children, is ennobling and helps us to understand to a small degree the love that God has for us, His children.

My love of chocolate and anything sugary is more like an addiction. My love of sunsets and the outdoors could be considered more of a humble gratitude for the beauties of the Earth (God's handiwork). My love of reading is a fascination with new things and the enjoyment of temporarily escaping reality. The love I have for my wife, however, is different from all of these.


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  1. You left us on a cliffhanger, Tyson! Can't wait to read your take on Kristin's article. Looking forward to it.


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