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Monday, April 29, 2013

Another 20 (or so) Acts

I know that I've been a slacker and haven't provided you all with an update in a couple of weeks but I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about my personal challenge to do 100 kind things for my wife as quickly as possible. It has now been a little more than 4 1/2 weeks since I began so here is my update.

51. Cami was laying down because her legs were hurting so I got her a cup of water and her book
52. I cleaned the bathtub until "it sparkled" (her words)
53. Watched the kids so that she could go to a friend's babyshower (I've been watching them a lot lately, which is good for me, not so much for them)
54. Put the clean dishes away
55. Took her on an amazing daytime date to Appomattox Court House
56. Found a babysitter for part of the time we were gone for the daytime date
57. Because we live close to where I work I was able to drop by home for a few minutes on a Monday morning to surprise Cami. It was a good thing I did because she was having a really rough day already. I stayed and we talked for about 15 minutes until she was feeling better.
58. I took the van to go visit a few friends on Tuesday evening and realized that the gas tank was getting low. Cami doesn't like filling the tank up because she usually has the children and apparently they get really excited and unruly at gas stations. So, I filled up the tank for her before coming home.
59. Also on a Tuesday evening I stopped and picked up a hot fudge sundae for my woman on my way home. She had been talking about how much she wanted ice cream for days so this showed her that I DO listen to her.
60. I picked a wild flower on my walk home and gave it to her
61. One night Cami woke up frantic from a bad dream. I calmed her down and comforted her until she fell back asleep (I wavered on whether I should take credit for this one since I don't even remember it)
62. One evening, after a particularly tense day, I massaged Cami's shoulders for a few minutes to help alleviate the built up tension
63. We received a Kindle Fire for Christmas from my little brother and two weeks ago I decided to purchase a new game (Plants vs. Zombies, it's pretty awesome). I let Cami play it too.
64. I cleaned up the food, dining room, and kitchen after dinner (two days in a row actually, but I'm only going to count it once)
65. One evening Cami was particularly exhausted and fell asleep while we were watching one of our favorite television shows (Psych). I helped her to bed where she immediately fell back into a deep sleep. After brushing my teeth I read scriptures to her (we read scriptures each night together before we go to bed) so that we didn't miss a day.
66. I put away a load of clean dishes
67. Woke up before Cami and got her cereal ready so that when she woke up all it needed was milk
68. On the 17th I sent a very sweet text message completely unexpectedly
69. I have put the clean sheets on the bed for the last three weeks
70. Our lilac bushes are in bloom and we both ADORE the smell of lilacs so I picked some and brought them to her after work
71. One of my team members will be moving soon so we took her out to lunch to say thank you and "farewell". I brought Cami back some food from lunch so that she wouldn't feel so left out (she gets pretty irritated when I get to go out to lunch).  (This is Cami here, and I do not get irritated, I get a little miffed is all.  And Tyson bringing home lunch for me was a HUGE deal for me.  I LOVE take out and it was so fun to have a surprise visit from Tyson and to get a yummy lunch)
72. Before I left for Atlanta I wrote her a very sweet note and hid it so that she would find it after I had left
73. While I was in Atlanta I called her each morning before my meetings started to tell her I love her and pray with her
74. Throughout the day (still while in Atlanta) I would send her text messages at random times to try and put a smile on her face
75. Each night, again while in Atlanta, I called and talked to my sweetheart for an hour or more to find out about her day and share mine with her. We end every phone call with "I love you".
76. I mentioned above (see #63) that Cami loves the Plants vs. Zombies game, so instead of taking the Kindle Fire with me to Atlanta like I had planned, I left it for Cami so she could play the game to her heart's content
77. I helped fold a load of laundry
78. I got the boys all ready for bed
79. Gave Cami a head massage to coax her to stop playing games on her laptop and snuggle with me.  It worked.  :)
80. Told her I would still love her even if she looked like an Oompa-loompa

Okay, 80 down and only 20 to go. Here's the game plan: I'm going to work extra hard this week to crack out the last 20 kind things and then declare victory. If you all lived in my neighborhood I would invite you over and we would have ice cream and cake to celebrate. Wish me luck!

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  1. Tyson,
    Your wife is very blessed to have you as a husband. I've heard that love is a decision and I love your list of kind things that you've done for your wife,intentional things that you chose to do to show love to her. Imagine if couples could do stuff like these for each other, maybe one kind thing a day, I can see many marriages will be happier. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me at Home Educator Mom.

    1. You're absolutely right Betty. If we all tried to do one simple small kind act for our spouse each day the world would be a much happier place.


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