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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another "100 Acts" Update

This is the latest update on my progress to doing 100 acts of kindness for my beautiful wife as quickly as possible. I'll be honest, I'm not getting there as quickly as I thought that I would. I really thought that after two weeks I would be done. This little "exercise" is opening my eyes to just how few nice things I do for my wife on a regular basis and helping me to commit to doing more in the future.

33. Last Monday I brought my wife a little present when I came home from work (a bite size Snickers candy bar) and told her I loved her
34. My wife made a delicious german chocolate cake for Easter. When it came down to the last piece left a few days later she saved it for me. I know how much she liked the cake so I made her eat half of the last piece (it would have been really nice to give her the entire piece but I'm not THAT good of a husband; the cake really was delicious!)
35. On Friday night we went and watched a movie with friends. I found the babysitter.
36. Wrote her two poems as we snuggled in the hammock on Sunday
37. Wrote one poem down on our whiteboard so she could see it (I believe it is a haiku) "I love Camden true/She loves me a whole lot too/We are so happy"
38. I shared my Snickers bar with her and gave her the very last bite (super nice because Snickers are my favorite)
39. After rudely ignoring her a little bit on Sunday morning, I apologized and promtly brushed her hair for several minutes so she knew how important she is to me (Cami wrote this one, I would not characterize my behavior as "rude", I did however brush her hair)
40. Brought her a cup of water late at night so she wouldn't have to get out of bed
41. I cleaned up after dinner
42. On Tuesday (yesterday) I stayed home with the children so that Cami could participate in a cooking class with some friends
43. I came home from work earlier than normal to help her get dinner ready because some friends were coming over (however, she is amazing and was already done. It was still nice of me to try)
44. I saved the last Cadbury Easter egg for Cami (we both LOVE them)
45. So that Cami wouldn't have to worry about making dinner, I suggested that we go out to eat on Friday night (and we did)
46. Cami's leg has been hurting a lot, we suspect it has to do with the pregnancy, so I have been doing what I can to help keep her off her legs
47. This morning she begged me to come back to bed and snuggle with her but I needed to work on this post. So, I brought the laptop back to bed so that I could be close to her.
48. On Monday I sent a random text message letting Cami know that I love her and was thinking about her
49. I'm leading a field trip on Saturday for the University that I work for and arranged for Cami to be able to accompany me. We're looking forward to spending most of Saturday together.
50. While this isn't one single act Cami insisted that I include that most days I get up early with the children so that she can sleep a few minutes longer

Well, after three weeks I'm half way there. Not as fast as I had thought but still pretty good. How's your progress?

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