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Thursday, March 7, 2013

We and Thank You

I was reminded today of the importance of being inclusive in our marriages. So many things in our society are focused on the individual and we are trained to think of ourselves first. For those that are Christian, we are instructed in the Bible to cleave unto our spouse and to become one flesh (KJV, Genesis 2:24). Often I hear friends and relatives make statements like "my wife is pregnant" or "my paycheck". This surprises me. I can't say that I am perfect and that I never do this but I make a conscious and concerted effort to say "we" because my wife and I are in it together. We are pregnant (which we are presently) and our paycheck and our life. Being inclusive brings us together mentally so that we form an intertwined image of ourselves and our spouse in our minds. Doing this consistently will bring us closer together and help create the oneness that is necessary to reap the joys that are available in marriage.
Thank you is also important. Saying "thank you" is critical to developing and maintaing gratitude for our spouse. And when we are grateful for them they become increasingly grateful for us. Gratitude creates an environment where love can grow, trust can mature, and happiness can flourish.

Both are small and simple but critical. Remember, think "WE" today.


  1. Great thoughts. Vulnerability and becoming one are cornerstones of a healthy marriage. Also a secure identity in Christ.


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