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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Show Your Support

Has your wife seemed stressed lately? I assume you have talked to her about as a good husband would. You've asked her how her day was, listened intently as she described the challenges that she is facing, and shared words of encouragement and support with her. Then what? Did you back up your words with actions? I have found that listening and verbal comfort are very important to my wife but I can really earn points with her when I take the next step and show that I listened and demonstrate my support. Here are three suggestions for how to SHOW your support and help relieve some of the stress that your wife may be feeling:
  1. Give her a hug. We all love to be held so just throw your arms around her, hold her tight, and let her know that you think she is amazing. Let the hug linger for a couple of minutes. A good hug will help relax your wife.
  2. Sit her down and then stand behind her and give her a shoulder massage. Most of us carry a lot of tension in the muscles in our shoulders and neck. Spending ten minutes massaging these muscles and loosening them up will make a huge difference to your wife (Note: after a good massage you will want to make sure that she drinks a lot of water; massages release toxins that are in our muscles and if they do not get flushed out of our bodies they can cause headaches and actually make us feel physically worse off).
  3. Brush her hair. Women generally love having their hair played with. Be sure to be gentle. And a tip if you've never brushed a woman's hair before: start from the end of her hair and work your way to her head; this is what my wife taught me and it keeps the brush from getting stuck in large knots and thereby causing pain for your wife.
If you're really ambitious, or if your wife is really stressed out, try all three suggestions. What's really neat about these suggestions is that you and your wife can continue to discuss what is going on in her life while you are showing your support and love. Whether you try one or all three you'll find that your wife will be more relaxed and will appreciate your love and support. You might even enjoy it too!

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  1. Great post, Tyson! I'm so accustomed to reading blog posts about marriage written to wives so it's refreshing to see one directed toward men. Very cool.


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