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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Is your marriage "noteworthy"?

What I mean is, do you love your spouse enough to leave them love notes? When was the last time you wrote them a note letting them know that you were thinking about them?

Love notes are great both to give and receive. Remember in middle school how you would get excited and your heart would flutter a little bit when you would open your locker and find a note? That only happened to me once or twice but what an exciting day! Thankfully I have a wonderful wife who leaves me notes all of the time. In fact, she has left me so many little sticky notes and other momentos that I have a folder in my office at work that is called "Folder of Cami Love" (she came up with the name) that I put old notes in to make room for new ones. Sometimes she'll even sneak into my office and draw little pictures on sticky notes and stick them on the edges of my computer monitor so that I'll see them when I come back. I love it! It makes me feel loved and appreciated. I know that she is thinking about me and it causes me to pause and think about her. I am reminded how much she loves me and how grateful I am for her. Admittedly, I need to be better about leaving her notes.

Here are three creative ways to leave a love note for your spouse today:
  1. Write "I Love You!" on a post-it note and put it on the steering wheel. That way the next time your spouse gets in their car they will see it.
  2. Put a love note in their shoe. I promise that for the rest of the day when they look at their shoes they will think of you.
  3. Send a text message. There is something special about a hand-written note but a text message is great too because you can send it quickly and at any time of the day. Sometimes my wife will send me a text message when she knows I am in a meeting just to distract me (I pretend to be annoyed but she knows that I love it).
There you go. I challenge you to show that your marriage is "noteworthy" and leave a love note for your spouse today. Then let me know how it goes.

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