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Thursday, March 28, 2013

100 Acts of Kindness UPDATE

First off, thank you to everyone who commented on my first installment of 100 Acts of Kindness (f you don't know what I'm referring to click here) and to those who visited and read about it. For those of you that have decided to join me in my endeavor I congratulate you and would love to hear about your progress.

Okay, here's my progress report:

7. On Monday I found a Rolo in my office. This is one of my wife's favorite candies so I brought it home to her.
8. We have a whiteboard next to our front door and I wrote on it: "Cooper Residence. Home of the sexiest woman ever! (and the man who loves her)".  She really liked this.
9. I put away the clean dishes on Monday morning
10. I had a lunch meeting on Tuesday and when the meeting was over there was food left over so I brought some home for my wife
11. Tuesday evening I took my wife to Les Miserables in Richmond, Virginia. It was awesome!
12. We went out to dinner before Les Mis and I helped my wife finish her meal (okay, this one is a little self-serving; her broccoli-cheese soup was delicious!)
13. I held her coat and purse for her while she was in the bathroom at the theater
14. On Wednesday morning I got up early with the children so that Cami could sleep a little bit longer
15. I came home for lunch on Wednesday to watch the kids so that Cami could go out to each with some friends (she didn't end up going but I still came home when she asked me to so it counts)
16. When she came home from the grocery store I helped her unload the car and put away the groceries
17. Last night she wanted to watch a television show at 11:15pm (which is after our normal bedtime) and she wanted me to watch it with her. So I stayed up and watched it with her; at least until I fell asleep during the show.

I hope you're making progress as well. I really need to pick up the pace but I have already found myself looking for nice things to do for my wife without expecting anything in return. She's amazing and I need to treat her that way. What kind things have you done for your spouse this week?

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