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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What can doing the dishes do for you?

The other day I was talking with some of the members of my team at work and mentioned that I had this website dedicated to helping good marriages become great ones. The team member that has been married the longest (20+ years) commented: "That's easy. Do the dishes." We all laughed and went back to work but that comment has stayed with me. "That's easy. Do the dishes."

When was the last time you SHOWED your spouse that you are grateful for them? How did you show it?  Gratitude is critical in a relationship (I've mentioned this before here and here). The doing the dishes comment reminded me that while I tell my wife I am grateful for her I really need to show her. And it's not necessarily always easy to do. The best gestures of gratitude are the ones that require us to actually know our spouse. What does he love? What does she hate to do? In my team member's marriage for her it is the dishes. When her husband does the dishes he is showing his love for her, his understanding of her, and his gratitude for her. 
TIP: don't always do the same thing to show your gratitude. Find several ways and rotate through them while always being on the lookout for new ways to express your thanks.

According to research, showing gratitude strengthens marriages in many ways some of which are:
  • Helps your spouse feel more grateful for you and increases their desire (and yours) to hold onto the relationship
  • Promotes intimacy because of the trust it builds
  • Helps each spouse to feel more appreciated and valued
  • When your spouse feels more appreciated and valued they will reciprocate causing a vicious upward spiral of gratitude and happiness in the marriage
How are you going to show your gratitude for your spouse this week?

1 comment:

  1. Doing the dishes is awesome!!!
    It is sooo simple, but it really makes my day, when my hubby tells me after dinner, that I should sit on the sofa and do "stuff" and that he would take care of the kitchen.
    Funny, it is always the little things that remind me, why I fell in love...


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