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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tweet, Tweet. What the heck?!

My next social media adventure: Twitter.  I have resisted for years participating in Twitter as I really don't understand this.  If Pinterest is foreign to me Twitter is an entirely different universe.  As far as I understand it I am supposed to randomly tweet things that I am doing, thinking, saying or might say, as well as interesting and fun pictures and videos so that my followers are aware of what would otherwise be my personal thoughts and activities.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter look for @tysontcooper (I think that's right, hopefully you can find me).  I will admit that most of what I tweet will probably be about my wife and maybe a little bit about our kids but that's because they are my life.  Much of my thoughts, words, effort, and actions revolve around them.  Even when I'm at work they regularly come to my mind (in part because of the post-it notes that they leave around my office for me with pictures on them each time they visit.  My favorites are when Cami draws family portraits for me).  So, hopefully I have something important to share and things that will be of benefit to you.  But I am left wondering the same thing as I did with Pinterest: what's the objective?

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