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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skewed Perceptions

My wife is at a church meeting tonight and I stayed home to put the children in bed so that she could go. I hate being away from her but that's part of being a parent of small children.

So while she's been gone I found a note that she wrote me about a week ago just after Valentine's Day. The note had glowing remarks about our Valentine's Day date and she just thanked me for making the day so special and the best Valentine's yet. I laughed when I read this. Here's what actually happened: she sent me to the store the night before to buy groceries and so that I could get her a gift and flowers (although she didn't say that) because I hadn't made it enough of a priority before that. Then, on Valentine's morning, I left her a little box of chocolates on her pillow as I left to go workout. When I came home from work I gave her a dozen pink roses (they were pretty) and a large box of chocolates (she LOVES chocolate). We went to a restaurant and ordered out because she didn't feel like being around people and ate in the car. Then we bought a cake at Wal-mart, picked up her teenage sister at her house, relieved the babysitter early (my brother-in-law), and watched a really cheesy chick-flick. In the note it sounds like the most romantic evening ever. Obviously, it wasn't, however, I just appreciated and enjoyed spending time with my sweet and beautiful wife.

The lesson I learned from this: my wife has a skewed perception of reality. And I am grateful.

p.s. The reason her perception is skewed is because she loves me. Love has a way of making normal things seem amazing when we do them with the one we love. That's the way I feel when I'm around my sweetheart, amazing, even if it's been just an average day. Yes, she's really that great.

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