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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Two days ago we had a wonderful storm blow through our part of the country. For hours we experienced high winds and LOTS of rain. Unfortunately in other areas homes and property were damaged and some people were even injured. Thankfully, we came away almost unscathed.

We have a finished basement that we set up as an apartment. Currently we have a wonderful couple living there and last night, as Cami and I were winding down our evening they let us know that there was water on their floor in a couple of different places. I will admit I was pretty frustrated. We’ve been having issue after issue with the house and our car for about a year now and I’m getting worn out. Anyway, we immediately went downstairs to assess the situation and decided that the water was seeping through the wall and traveling under the carpet to a few different spots. Now, in three years of owning the home this has never happened before so we had to try to figure out what might be happening. We decided it was a faulty downspout from our gutters directly above the part of the basement wall from which the water appeared to be originating so we put our shoes on and went to see what could be done. Forty minutes later we had dismantled much of the downspout and redesigned it, dug a new trench across our front yard, and were soaked. Thankfully it was still relatively warm (mid-50’s). As we finished, it was now 11pm, I decided that we should spend a few minutes playing in the rain. So we frolicked. That’s right, we frolicked around the yard.

For those that have never frolicked it’s easy. Simply jump around waving your arms in a controlled yet unpredictable manner. Cami and I frolicked in the rain. It was great. We’ve done this on a number of occasions over the years and fondly remember each one. Our frolicking redeemed the evening. Sure we looked like fools but it was worth it. You can’t remain frustrated after frolicking.

I am grateful that we needed to work together last night to stop the leak in the basement. It was one of the best evenings I’ve spent with my wife in recent memory. I dare you to try frolicking with your spouse.

The moral of the story: find a way to have fun and laugh no matter what the situation is.

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