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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cami Wants to go Skydiving

Having fun is important to keep relationships happy and the more fun the happier you can be. It also happens to be the second suggestion in the "Harvard blog" mentioned yesterday.  The article references an article in the Berkeley Science Review, couples who play together stay together (also the title of the article), that reports that couples who have fun together "feel closer, experience more positive emotions, and as a result are happier together."
My wife has wanted to go skydiving for years now. Two things have prevented us from "taking the plunge." First, money. It's kind of expensive to go skydiving, usually a couple hundred dollars a person. Second, the children. She's afraid we'll die and the children will be orphans. My argument is that if we jump now rather than later they will be young enough that they won't remember us (just kidding. Seriously, I'm just kidding).

According to the Berkeley Science Review we should do it. The trick, according to the article, is that having fun and doing new and novel things as a couple staves off boredom, which, according to experts, is a relationship killer. It also serves a second purpose of connecting positive, exciting feelings to your spouse because you did the activity with them reinforcing positive feelings of love and excitement within your marriage.

Finally, these fun and exciting things don't have to be skydiving or bungee jumping. It could be as simple as spending time getting to know another couple. The key is to do the activity together and have fun. If Scrabble does it for you then by all means spell away!

I would love to hear about the fun and exciting things that you and your spouse do. Have you ever gone skydiving? Can you recommend a good place?

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