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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Out of Sickness, Gratitude

My family has been sick for the last few days.  I mean really sick.  They have all had those colds that just put you out of commission.  I have been fighting hard to not get it as well (I think I'm losing that battle though) as I have tried to take care of them.  Sunday was the worst day of it.  My wife was feeling really horrible; exhausted, achy, stuffed-up, with a really bad cough.  I stayed home with her and the children most of the day caring for them so that she could rest up and recover.  Thankfully it worked.  By yesterday morning she was feeling much better, not 100% but better.

As I tried to take care of everyone I reflected on how much my wife does to keep our home and family running.  I know that she is amazing and does a lot, much more than I even know, but sometimes I need a reminder of just how tirelessly she works.  Sunday was that reminder.  The dishes are never done.  Each time you finish washing them within minutes there is a new dirty dish in the sink.  The kids need and demand nearly constant attention and with three children it is difficult to balance getting things done and dedicating sufficient time to them.  If you clean a room and then leave it the kids will have it messy again within ten minutes.  I think that children have some kind of internal mechanism that helps them sense when a table or counter is clean because you barely finish wiping it off and suddenly it's sticky again or has crayon shavings or bread crumbs on it.  It is a constant battle to keep our home habitable.  She fights this battle everyday (typically with far too little help from me) and wins almost every day.  After one day of this struggle I was exhausted.  I truly do not know how she does it day in and day out.

I am grateful that my wife and family got sick this past weekend.  Not because I enjoy them being sick (or because I enjoy getting sick whenever they do) but because of the increased appreciation I have for my beautiful and capable wife.  I could never do all that she does with half the expertise and any of the positive attitude that she maintains.  She is amazing.  I am grateful for her and all moms everywhere like her that put their families first and work so diligently to care for them.  I love you sweetheart.

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  1. Thank you so much! What a wonderful post, I am totally a fan! :) Your wife is lucky to have you. (And I love you too!)


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