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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No kids, boring!

I don’t have much “spare” time anymore. Between work, volunteering in my church, taking care of my family, and taking care of my house and yard I don’t have much time for anything else. Often my wife and I try and remember what it was like before we had children because they take up so much of our time now and we really can’t remember. Sometimes I try imagine what it would be like if we still didn’t have children (just out of curiosity, I love all three of them). What I picture is awfully empty and boring. While the children are exhausting and time consuming we know that not having them in our lives would be sad and boring. I don’t know what we did before our children were born. We laugh so hard each day because of the things they do and say. Here are a few of the more recent sayings and doings that we laughed about as we fell asleep last night (we do this often).

Our oldest will be five next month. He is in preschool and this week they are learning about the letter “T” so they cut out a letter T from some paper and then colored it like a tiger. I get home from work yesterday and he comes running up to me, T in hand, and here’s the conversation that follows:

Son: “Dad, we made a tiger today. Look tiger for T.”
Me: “That’s awesome! But you mean T for tiger, right?”
Son: “Yeah, that’s what I said. Tiger for T.”
Me: “T for tiger?”
Son (giving me an irritated and quizzical look at the same time): “yeah, tiger for T.”
Me: “Right, tiger for T. You did a great job.” And he walks away satisfied.

Our second son (we have three boys) is sitting next to his great-grandfather listening to him read stories. It’s early evening, a couple of hours before our son’s bedtime, and all of a sudden he just falls over, sound asleep. We call his name a couple of times; no response. It’s common for the kids to be playing, wide awake, and then all of sudden pass-out. It’s always adorable.

Our youngest, who is one, decided to put a large plastic bowl on his head yesterday afternoon and walk around the house. If he saw someone he would tip it forward so that it covered his face and then act a little bit sneakier; he was convinced that if he couldn’t see us then we couldn’t see him. It was like he had a bowl of invisibility. Then, suddenly, he would throw the bowl back and squeal. We, of course, were obliged to act surprised and he would laugh and laugh and then quickly pull the bowl back over his face and wander away returning every couple of minutes to “surprise us” again.

Children are wonderful. My wife and I try to record as much of their childhood as we can so they can see how weird/funny they were when they are older.  But also, so that we don’t forget many of these small and simple experiences that make us love them even more. I’m grateful for my sons and don’t have any idea what I would do without them.

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